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Keeping Your Kitchen Safe During Holiday Cooking

Published by Allegra on October 28, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

staying safe while holiday cookingAs November bids farewell and the holiday season arrives in its glory, families across the USA begin decorating their homes with Christmas/Hanukkah/Quanza and other holiday decor. Amidst all these festivities, ensuring your family’s safety is highly important.

Did you know that kitchen accidents are likely to increase during the season? Yes, the joy of the holidays brings several other risks with it.

We all ensure our kitchen is clean and our pantry is full for that big family dinner. In addition to this, fire safety and personal safety are two important factors you need to be extra about during Holiday cooking.

Let’s take a look at some safety precautions below to ensure your kitchen is safe during this year’s Holiday dinner:

1.    Keep Your Hands Clean and Tidy

While you should strive to keep your hands clean at all times, it is highly crucial that you start with washing your hands when you’re cooking or baking.

Ensure to wash hands for at least 20 seconds with alcohol hand wash or soap and dry them with a clean towel or paper towel. This way, you will be able to make yourself and your family safe from any harmful bacteria.

2.    No Pets or Kids Allowed in the Kitchen

First of all, if your house has kids and pets or you are expecting kids or pets as guests, it is better to make your kitchen baby and pet-proof for their safety.

Keep the spices, pans, and even the cleaning supplies in the higher shelf cabinets and make sure that kids do not enter the kitchen when you are cooking or baking to keep them away from the burning stoves.

3.    Cleanliness is Key

During the holiday season,  you will have to deal with the then lesser mess at the time of making meals if you keep your kitchen clean and tidy from the get-go.

This way, after you are done cooking, you will not have to do much except for cleaning the few dishes, pans, and spoons.

You may use heavy-duty cleaning supplies and chemicals to make the kitchen spotlessly clean. This will not only make your kitchen clean but will also keep it sanitized by removing harmful bacteria and viruses.

Don’t forget to clean the sink, countertops as well as cabinets in the kitchen, as they accumulate dust and food particles that are invisible to the naked eye.

4.    Keep Your Knives Sharp

Holiday cooking can become really easier if your kitchen supplies are in working condition. This requires a lot of pre-planning.

Dull knives have no place in your house during the holiday season. Make sure your knives are well sharpened as you will put them to good use during cooking big meals.

Using a dull life could be dangerous and put you at risk of accidents. Therefore, make sure all your kitchen knives are razor sharp.

5.    Ensure Your Appliances are in Running Condition

Before cooking Holiday meals, it is better to check all your electric appliances to ensure that they are in running condition.

Electric appliances include a grinder, juicer, dishwasher, electric oven, kneading machine, and several others should be

6.    Take Care of Potential Fire Hazards

Cooking is a big responsibility, and you have to be very cautious when doing it. In order to cook efficiently, you should read about how you can prevent fire hazards in the kitchen.

For example, you should know that while cooking, you need to keep flour items and clothing away from the stove. Moreover, never leave food being on the stove on the oven  unattended for a long time as it could get contaminated.

7.    Keep A Fire Extinguisher Handy

If you are fond of cooking large meals for your family and friends, then it is essential for you to keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Most people do not keep a fire extinguisher in their houses, and you would be surprised to know that many of them suffer from kitchen fire hazards.

You must also learn how to operate the fire extinguisher and keep it in a safe place in the kitchen, like under the sink.

8.    Inspect All Kitchen Power Outlets

A few days before, it is a good idea to check all the power outlets in the kitchen whether they are in running condition or not. If they are not, then you can call an electrician or technician to get them fixed in time so your cooking goes smoothly.

Not only should your electric appliances be in proper condition, but your electric cords should be checked too. Any cuts or wire damages should be repaired beforehand to avoid short circuit accidents.

Know When to Call the Experts

While maintaining your kitchen and family’s safety this Holiday season is important, know that there is only so much you can do. When things go out of control, it is only wise to let the experts handle the job. This is why we recommend to you none other than 911 Restoration of Inland Empire.

With a reporting time of 45 minutes, 911 Restoration of Inland Empire can provide exceptional disaster management services. Get in touch with them here for more details and information.

Wish you a safe and sound Holiday!

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