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Restoration Tips For Property Damaged By Tree Roots

Published by SEO on December 23, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

 tree root damage to propertyEach one of us loves a great and majestic tree in our front lawns or gardens. But what many people don’t know is that trees can pose certain risks to your home’s foundation and inner plumbing. This article will tell you about some of the signs and restoration tips for tree root damage.  

If you ever notice tree roots growing very close to your driveway, house foundation, or your plumbing or sewerage lines, you should contact professionals or start inspecting and working to save your property as soon as possible.  

Although it might not seem like it, tree roots can cause significant damage to your home or commercial property. A tree that might make your home look beautiful can pose great threats to your property’s foundation. If your property gets severely damaged by tree roots, the cost to restore and repair can get very high. 

It is always better to prevent than to cure, which is why we are going to tell you about some of the telltale signs of root damage to your property and some tips on how to prevent or restore them. 

Signs of Tree Root Damage to your Property 

If you have any trees growing close to the edges of your home, you must keep a close eye on how far out they are growing and if their roots can reach into and cause damage to your property. 

Cracks in your foundation’s floor 

Tree roots can drain over 150 gallons of water from the ground each day! This can cause the soil under your home’s foundation to start drying up and collapsing. Keep an eye on your foundation floor and look for cracks and fissures forming. 

Uneven or sticking door and window frames  

If the soil under your home has started drying up due to tree roots, your home’s window and door frames will become uneven and stop opening and closing like they used to. This is another major sign that tree roots are causing damage to your property. 

Your house slants towards a tree 

Moisture loss from the soil under your home can cause your home to start tilting towards the tree. As the tree soaks up water from whatever side of the house it is on, the house starts to settle and collapse from the particular side.  

Other signs include: 

  • Tilting chimney 
  • Bowing walls 
  • Buckling in the floor’s surface 

Signs of tree root damage in plumbing 

Slow Drains 

If the drains in your home are starting to slow down, it may be a sign that tree roots have invaded your home’s pipes. If your drain has started gurgling, it may also be a sign of tree root damage. This problem is especially common in old homes.  


If a tree root grows into and breaks open pipes of your home, it allows lots of water to get released into the ground under your home or yard. This sudden overhydration of the soil underneath can cause visible sinkholes or soft spots. You may also find random puddles and other substances in your garden.  

Suppose your tree root damage has reached the point of creating a sinkhole. In that case, it is time you called a plumber or professional water damage remediators like 911 Restoration of Inland Empire immediately. 

Bad Odors 

Tree roots can also break into and damage the sewerage lines in your home. If you start smelling lots of bad odors like rotting eggs or any other bad smells, it could mean tree roots have either damaged or blocked your sewage pipes. 

It is always recommended to call professionals to repair sewage lines as the substances found in these pipes can be dangerous to your health. 

Prevention and restoration tips for tree root damage 

Do preventive landscaping 

Preventative landscaping is the best and most cost-effective way to avoid tree root damage to your properties. Preventative landscaping entails lots of different things.  

You should cut and trim tree roots that might be getting too close to your home’s foundation. Also, avoid planting trees very close to the foundation of your home. If you do plant trees close to your home, make sure they are plants that have noninvasive root systems. It is also a good idea to plant trees that don’t require a lot of water, so you don’t have to add too much water near the foundation of your house. 

Install Tree Root Barriers 

You should install root barriers near your home’s foundation to stop the growth of roots into the foundation. Root barriers usually are sheets of plastic that help divert roots away from the foundation. 

911 Restoration of Inland Empire 

If your house has suffered from tree root damage and you are in need of professional restoration and remediation, call 911 Restoration of Inland Empire at (909) 343-5464 or visit our website now. We work closely with our customers to completely restore any type of property damage you may be experiencing.  

Our team is highly trained, and IICRC certified to professionally restore all water, fire, and mold damage that your property might have. Call us now, and our experts will be at your doorstep to help within 45 minutes of contacting us! We are available 24/7, every day of the year.

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